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Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, Corwin Senko, David Yeager_bMRI 세미나 시리즈 14

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Research, Work Ethic, & Preparation for a Job Market: "What Would You Do Differently If You Were a Graduate Student Again?"

Talking to Senior Scholars

- How to Maintain Productivity 

- Keeping Work-Life Balance 

- Working with Asian Grad Students


Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia 교수 (Michigan State University)

Corwin Senko 교수 (SUNNY-New Paltz)

David Yeager 교수 (University of Texas-Austin)


날짜: 2021년 1월 28일, 목요일

시간: 오전 10시 ~ 11시 30분

장소: Zoom 온라인