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2018 bMRI Symposium on Motivation, Friday, October 12

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You are cordially invited to the 2018 bMRI Symposium on Motivation,


hosted by the Brain Korea 21+ Project Group of Edu-hub in Asia and organized by the Brain and Motivation Research Institute (bMRI) of Korea University.


Prof. Herbert W. Marsh 

Professor of Psychology, Australian Catholic University; University of Oxford

“Academic Self-concept: Cornerstone of a Revolution in the Positive Psychology” 


Prof. Andrew J. Elliot 

Professor of Psychology, University of Rochester

“Competition: Good or Bad for Achievement-Relevant Outcomes?” 


Prof. Sung-il Kim

Professor of Educational Psychology, Korea University

“Pleasure, Value, and Goals: Motivation as Value-Based Decision Making ”


Prof. Mimi Bong

Professor of Educational Psychology, Korea University

“Motivating Adolescent Learners: Fighting Stereotypes and Improving Confidence to Learn”


Prof. Johnmarshall Reeve 

Professor of Educational Psychology, Korea University

“Two Demonstrations: Motivational Neuroscience, Motivational Teaching”



This is the 10thanniversary of the bMRI Symposium. This year, we have invited two truly renowned scholars of motivation, Dr. Herbert W. Marsh at the Australian Catholic University and Dr. Andrew J. Elliot at the University of Rochester. The title of this year’s symposium is “Motivation, Achievement, and Well-Being: The Interplay of the Self and Its Goals.” Drs. Marsh and Elliot will deliver their keynote addresses on this overall theme, speaking to relevant theory, research, and application as they relate to achievement motivation. The symposium will conclude with an open discussion involving the audience, which often proves to be the most instructive session of the symposium. Booklets containing the PowerPoint slides from each speaker’s presentation will be provided to all attendees, as will refreshments.


We are grateful that you have decided to join us for this exciting time of learning and discussion. We thank you for coming this year, and we hope to see you again at our future symposia.



Mimi Bong, Sung-il Kim, and Johnmarshall Reeve

bMRI The Brain and Motivation Research Institute

Korea University



* There is no fee for participating in the symposium. A booklet containing copies of the Power Point slides will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

** If you want to attend symposium and dinner, please let us know beforehand with your name and affiliation on by October 5th(Fri).